Shadow Beach Studios are set up for:

Need instrumentation behind your lyrics or melodies? Need help arranging your band tracks? We play a whole range of instruments and can play almost any style you need to bring your vision to life. Use of all instruments & equipment is included in our flat studio rate.

We have a large variety of high quality instruments, outboard gear and mics to get professional quality recordings. Our boutique studios are ideal for capturing vocals, guitars, bass, keys and percussion with clarity and warmth.

On-location recording: Our mobile services can provide up to 8 simultaneous tracks recorded in any location. Ideal for TV & film production, church choirs, school bands, sound design or just to capture the ambience of an old warehouse or stairwell. The recorded tracks are then brought back to be mixed here in our studio if required.

Our acoustically treated rooms are great for mixing and our experience and compact systems allow us to work fast and efficiently. We aim provide you with professional mixes that translate well onto a variety playback systems whilst having great clarity, excellent dynamics and a beautiful stereo image.

Online mixing: Not located close to us? Then take advantage of our online mixing services from anywhere in the world. Send us your tracks remotely via a file transfer service such as Dropbox, WeTransfer or Gobbler. We will communicate with you throughout the process and provide versions of your tracks as references. You will receive all mixed tracks in WAV format at 44.1kHz 24bit ready for mastering.

Please see our ‘mixing guide’ to prepare your tracks for mixing.

The final stage of the production of a song or collection of songs is mastering. Mastering is an important process for many technical reasons but on an artistic level mastering should help bring a collection of songs together as a whole. We will give your recording the clarity, depth and loudness needed to ensure your recording holds up against all others. We welcome all styles and formats.

Composition & Arranging
Commercials & jingles: Custom jingles, voice-overs and radio spots are all handled completely in-house at Shadow Beach.

Scoring, soundtracks & sound design: Everything from cinematic soundscapes to full scores can be composed, recorded and synced to picture with frame accuracy. Our massive sound library and collection of vintage synths can get you any sound imaginable.

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